UIPath.Mail.Activities was 1.1.6277.16049, however I just updated to 1.1.6562.21018 and still have the issue. For more information, see Add API permissions in the Setup guide. Added support for shared mailboxes in all Outlook activities. You can register your Microsoft Office 365 Application using your personal, work, and/or school account. Though it's not recommended by Microsoft, you can use this authentication type in public client applications. Because this is a breaking change, you must update any existing projects to this version. For instance, apps using this flow won't be able to sign in a user who needs to perform multi-factor authentication (conditional access). This guide provides step-by-step instructions to configure your Microsoft Office 365 application for automation. The first beta integration with Microsoft Office 365. Please help me in solving this and share me sample xaml files if any. Files - Select this service to use the Files and/or Excel activities. It won't enable your application to benefit from single sign-on either. Added Microsoft Planner and Groups activities. If the necessary API permissions are not granted during app registration, the applicable activities will fail to run even if the service is selected in this property. Added Microsoft Planner and Groups activities. SAP Order-to-Cash Connector 1.0.0 (Public Preview), UiPath.ActiveDirectoryDomainServices.Activities, UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities, Added support for Application (client) ID and Application (client) Secret authentication in.

The following steps and message sequence diagram is an example how the activity works from design time (i.e., the activity dependencies and input/output properties) to run time. The directory (tenant) ID can be found in the overview page of your registered application (under the application (client) ID). Authentication with username/password goes against the principles of modern authentication and is only provided for legacy reasons (additional information can be found on GitHub). This release includes Files (OneDrive), Excel, and Outlook activities. Using the same Properties on Send Exchange Mail Message works fine with no errors and The Sent E … Fixed a Microsoft Graph dependency conflict between. We’ve used “HTTP Request” activity to get the list data from share-point 2010 but got stuck in writing data. How do I register my app and assign permission? Select one or more of the following services: This release also introduces a new From property in the Send Mail activity so that you can now send mail from other email addresses or aliases.

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