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Splashland Sprint Triathlon

Annual Benefit
Alamosa, Colorado 81101
14th October 2023
9 am Start
Held in the San Luis Valley, at the area’s largest outdoor geothermal pool
Run 3.4 miles, Bike 10 miles, Swim 400 yards, and Finish at Splashland
Catch a glimpse of the Great Sand Dunes National Park with six 14’nrs in the background
Mt. Blanca, Colorado’s 3rd highest peak overlooks the valley floor
This annual event helps to purchase ADA equipment for the pool
Compete as an Individual or in Teams of 2 or 3
Registration before October 1st is $70 per Individual or $140 per Team
After October 1st registration goes up to $75 per Individual or $150 per Team
Fast, accurate chip timing with live online results
Registration includes a quality triathlon shirt
Overall male, female and team awards 12 age groups
Visit our web site for info www.Splashlandllc.com
Or call 719-298-0662 for more information
Located 1 mile North of Alamosa on Hwy 17

Splashland Benefit Sprint Triathlon
General Information
9 am Start

Greetings Triathletes. Are you ready for a great sprint triathlon? We are doing all we can to make this a smooth, fun-filled quality event. Bear with us as we make adjustments when needed/last minute. Your Safety is our number one priority. It begins with YOU.

Race packet/bib# pickup starting Friday evening from 3-7 pm and then again on race day morning from 7-8:15 am at SPLASHLAND Pool complex, 5975 Hwy 17, Alamosa CO 81101. Pre-race positioning of equipment, bike, helmet, towel/robe/bag in transition & swim finish areas may be placed in bike racks and carpet area near swim finish. Allow extra time to place equipment before the race begins. Below is the order of events and course specifics for each leg of the triathlon. Pay special attention to Caution Statements.

Run Leg All runners will be given ankle timing chips prior to Run Leg Start. We begin with wave start on the North side of the pool road(pavement), following the Maddox Loop after leaving the pool complex, heading west to State Street making a left turn proceeding South to the Rio Grande River crossing over the bridge, then make a left turn onto the South Dike (dirt path.) Following the dike until you reach a footbridge across the Rio Grande (left turn) River. Turn left again then follow the dirt road through Rio Grande Farm (heading East) to the bike/run path (pavement) off Hwy 17. Make another left turn then follow the run/bike path North back to the pool complex. Cross thru the parking lot to the Run Finish Line then proceed into the Transition Area. Caution Statement You will be running into oncoming traffic /Running Path Stay to the left and be aware of traffic ~ crossing roads. You will make two road crossings with event staff manning those areas to halt traffic. Some runners may have to yield to bikers crossing runners/road course. See the Run Course map.

Transition Area After completing the run leg you can then change into your bike shoes/gear (Helmets required) and exit the Transition Area/ Bike Start Line to begin the bike portion of the Triathlon. Sports Drinks/bottled water is available in Transition Area.

Bike Leg You will be biking on a paved road (mostly flat) heading west after leaving the pool complex. Caution Statement Stay to the far right on the pavement while biking on the road. We cannot close the entire bike route during the race. You will be sharing the road with motorists. Major intersections and turn-around points will be manned by event staff. Your safety begins with YOU. Be aware of your environment/motorists. We have the course marked with Big Orange DOT signs stating motorists are to drive Slow and that an event is in progress. The Bike Course is all on pavement. If you come to a road intersection with dirt/gravel roads and pavement roads intersecting, ALWAYS stay on the pavement. The turnaround spot is the only area with pavement/dirt road mix. See the Bike Course map.


Transition area After Completing your bike leg enter the transition area again/Bike Finish. Sports drinks and bottled water are available. Change into /out of bike gear to swim gear. Restroom facilities are available in the building, Caution Statement Do not cross over the swim start line if using the restrooms as it will start your swim time, go to the side around the start line and then come back around and cross over the swim start line to begin your swim leg if using facilities. Swim caps and goggles are acceptable to use in the swim leg. Swim fins, snorkels, and hand webbed gloves are not allowed as well as any other assisted swim equipment not mentioned above. See the transition map.

Swim Leg (Helpful Hint: place towel or robe at swim finish area before the start of the run, For after you cross the swim finish line). As you enter the pool complex proceed straight thru the start line to steps entering the North side of the pool to begin your serpentine swim. Caution Statement: stay to the right in each lane so as not to interfere with other swimmers. This is a serpentine swim. Up and back in each of the four lanes. Approx. 15 feet wide. If you need to overtake and pass another swimmer tap them on the heel of their foot letting them know you will be passing them on the left. The pool Depth starts at 3 feet and gradually declines to 10 feet at the turnaround point. You must touch each wall in each lane at the end of lanes or be disqualified. Flip turns are allowed as long as you touch the wall with either hand or feet. Walking is allowed in the shallow end if needed – over half the pool is 5 feet or deeper. Your Safety is more important. A lifeguard will be manning the deep end with the event staff. When you finish the last lane exit the pool up the stairs and make a right turn to cross the swim finish line. You can’t miss it. Your ankle timing chip will be removed after crossing the finish line. You can have assistance with a towel/robe/ hoodie beyond the timing area or have it left there during the race for you to get after completing the swim leg. See the Swim map. Relay Teams Relay team members are allowed in Transition Area, recommended that one of the team members assist in relaying the ankle timing chip to the next team member starting their leg of the Tri. Caution Statement Relay team members shall not impede, disrupt, or block the movement of other triathletes or relay teams while in Transition Area. Be aware of your surroundings and other individuals and the event.

Parking We have ample parking and overflow parking if needed. See a map of the pool complex.
For additional questions call 719-298-0662 Surf’s Up !!!

Alamosa Triathlon Online Registration Link

Triathlon Series Online Registration Link

Splashland Sprint Triathlon 2022 Results

The results can be found here during and after the race.

Splashland Kids-Only Triathlon

For Boys & Girls 3-14 yrs
Divisions 3-6 yrs, 7-10 yrs, 11-14 yrs
Saturday, August 12th 2023 at 9 am
¼ mi, 10 yd, ⅛ mi  – Short Course (3-6)
½ mi, 20 yd, ¼ mi – Course (7-10)
1 mi,  40 yd, ½ mi – Long Course (11-14)
(bike,  swim,  run)
Cost: $15.00
Awards: Top Overall Boy & Girl, & Age Group Winners

Splashland Kids-Only Triathlon 2020 Results

The results can be found here after the race.